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BAD BEURS Gent 2018

ICC Gent In samenwerking met coup-de-foudre


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project Dr Vee

B&B Dr Vee is housed in the old veterinary university in Brussels, in the middle of a 19th century park. Discover here!


Dirk Cousaert publication

DC publication in "SABATO", the magazine of newspaper "De Tijd".


a tree in a house

To reclaim space once occupied, part of the showroom has been taken down and a tree atrium created. Together with Philippe Vermeulen from landscape architecture firm Avalon L+E, a balance was sought between environmental and interior architecture. Philippe gave this tree project the wonderful name of Tree Incorporated. It is an open functional space, with a semi-open terrace on the first floor. A terrace with a direct connection between the crown of the tree and the living spaces. A balance between the inside and outside, between function and enjoyment. A transitional zone we use between winter and summer. Nature has taken back the space it once occupied. The only thing missing is a swing


great mates

Working together is a matter of trust and inspiration. Thijs swapped football and the pitch for wood and Dirk Cousaert Design. Passion, drive and craftsmanship were crucial in this loft project for a musical couple who are cooking aficionados.


fortunately, Knuthenlund wasn’t make believe

Knuthenlund in Stokkemarke in Denmark may have sounded like something out of a fairy-tale book, but fortunately, turned out to be very real indeed. At the end of May 2015, it hosted the international Native Cooking Award competition. A unique cooking competition where chefs are let loose in the countryside on a bike, armed with a basket, to pick and cook – on barbecues only – whatever crosses their paths. Teams of top chefs from 5 countries cooked on specially designed Dirk Cousaert barbecues. Nick Bril, (The Jane), Michaël Vrijmoed (Vrijmoed), Marcelo Ballardin (Oak) and Tim Boury (Boury) of team Belgium deservedly won the press award and came second overall. The whole process from designing the unique barbecues, the trip to the collaboration with Carnivale and the chefs was brilliant and enriching. It was an absolutely fantastic experience.



The showroom of Dirk Cousaert experienced a total metamorphosis this summer. Here you can get a glimpse of the progress.